Thursday, September 29, 2011

I know you've missed me...

....all ZERO of you who read this blog.

But as I was just making homemade spaghetti (my mother's recipe of course), I thought of a few things that I needed to share with cyberworld:

1. It's amazing how much grease 2 lbs of ground beef can produce while you're browning it stove-top.

2. I need to wear an apron every time I cook. Maybe even while I iron or mop, too??

3. How is it that I have nearly 60 cookbooks (58 to be exact), and yet I still have some must-haves on my wish list? Casual Cooking and Southern Living's 2011 cookbook.

4. I went on a lunch date with Cowboy Crooner and Squirrely. We didn't really talk a lot. But it was still a sweet time. Literally. Because we had an oatmeal cookie for dessert. I've got to figure out that recipe.

Guess it's on to ironing now. Which apron should I wear?

See you next time! You better be here.

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